Friday, November 9, 2012

Northwest Beauty and Thankful Hearts

I found myself continually praising God as we traveled through the Northwest.  There were many areas that had been affected by fires and some had suffered great damage, but there were also so many places where the fingerprints of God were so evident.

Going through this area just east of Butte, MT all I could think about was the rocks crying out in praise.
There were other places where I wished we could have taken a side road and slipped off the beaten path for a time and just worship and be alone with God.
The weather, although cloudy, was also an inspiring part of the ambiance.  When my daughter Julie was little and saw sunbeams like this, she would say, "Look Mama, it's a little bit of heaven coming down."  You know, she was right.
We definitely enjoyed seeing the yellow tamaracks - evergreens that aren't always green.
And of course there is always that special feeling that you get when home comes into view.
At Bible Study Fellowship this week we talked about starting each day in a spirit of thankfulness and worship.  Everytime I look at God's handiwork I am filled with a deep thanksgiving for all that He's given me.  I had wanted to live in the mountains all of my life and wasn't sure that it would ever come to be, but God put that desire in my heart and God brought it to be.  I also wanted to write books and God showed me a way to do that very thing for Him.  And I wanted to travel and see new places, and with my writing and ministry for God, I get to do just that.  So as Thanksgiving draws ever near - I am shouting out my thanksgiving to God and praising Him for the many blessings He's given me.
Of course - that includes the blessing He's given me in each of you.


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