Friday, November 2, 2012

Research fun in Seattle

This last week we went to Seattle to do a little historical research.  The town is a fascinating place to visit and we had a great time.  On the way to Seattle we were able to touch base with family in the Tri-Cities area,  here I am with my niece Bethany and her boyfriend Corey on the left side and my nephew Phillip and his girlfriend Rachel on the upper right side.  That's my son Erik sitting beside me and my mom in the lower left corner.

The weather in Seattle was typical for this time of year - overcast, misty, rainy and chilly.  But that didn't stop us from venturing out to learn what we wanted to know.  Jim and I were able to uncover a lot of super interesting bits of history to use for future stories and even Erik got in on the research.
We stayed at a really neat hotel - the Best Western Pioneer Square.  This hotel was built in 1914 and the decor and folks there were awesome.  I highly recommend this hotel if you want to stay in the historic district of Seattle.
Here I am researching the joys of eating crab at the Crab Pot.
And here we are researching the Space Needle Restaurant.  A very expensive endeavor to be sure, but it proved to be a lot of fun and a great meal.
And while in Seattle we were able to visit the Chihuly glass exhibit next to the Space Needle.  The following are some of the amazing pieces that were being shown.  This glass art is incredible and while I've shared photos from the Boston exhibit before, I can't resist sharing some Seattle shots.
And of course we had to get a shot of the Space Needle itself.
And Jim got creative with this photo reflecting the Space Needle in the Chihuly glass.
I hope you've enjoyed a taste of our trip.  I hope to share some additional photos with you next week and hopefully in a year or so I hope to share a new series with you set in the Seattle area.

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